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Replacement for APPLE M7385G/A Battery - We offer an extensive line of replacement for APPLE M7385G/A battery. High quality battery cells are used in our M7385G/A battery pack. The replacement APPLE M7385G/A laptop battery which is brand new with 1 year warranty.

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APPLE M7385G/A Battery-Replacement for APPLE M7385G/A Laptop Battery (Li-ion 6600mAh)

This is a laptop battery (notebook battery) replacement for APPLE M7385G/A; High quality battery cells are used in our replacement APPLE M7385G/A battery pack. It is rigorously tested, with UK, CE, UL safety approval; meets or exceeds original APPLE M7385G/A battery's specifications, brand new with 1 year warranty.
APPLE M7385G/A Battery
Click to enlarge the APPLE M7385G/A notebook battery
APPLE M7385G/A battery quality assurance

1-Year Warranty
  • M7385G/A Battery's Specifications:
  • Product ID: BM-ENMA013
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Battery Voltage: 10.8V / 11.1V
  • Battery Capacity: 6600mAh
  • Battery Color: Black
  • Battery Weight: 450g
  • Dimension: 144.64x96.20x19.20mm
  • Please ensure this replacement apple m7385g/a battery that you are going to buy fits your laptop's brand, model number and OEM battery's part number. We ship to United Kingdom only.
  • Please press 'Ctrl+F' to search for your part number/machine model.
  • This M7385G/A battery is compatible with following part numbers:
  • 076-0719
  • 661-2183
  • 661-2295
  • 661-2969
  • LBCAP8
  • M7318
  • M7385
  • M7385G
  • M7385G/A
  • MC-G3/99
  • This M7385G/A battery is compatible with following models:
  • PowerBook G3 (1999 models)
  • PowerBook G3 (2000 models)
  • PowerBook G3 12" M6359J/A
  • PowerBook G3 12" M6359LL/A
  • PowerBook G3 12" M6477LL/A
  • PowerBook G3 12" M6479LL/A
  • PowerBook G3 12" M7229J/A
  • PowerBook G3 13" M6357J/A
  • PowerBook G3 13" M6357LL/A
  • PowerBook G3 13" M6481J/A
  • PowerBook G3 13" M6481LL/A
  • PowerBook G3 13" M6482LL/A
  • PowerBook G3 14" M5343
  • PowerBook G3 14" M6484LL/A
  • PowerBook G3 14" M6485LL/A
  • PowerBook G3 14" M6541J/A
  • PowerBook G3 14" M6541LL/A
  • PowerBook G3 14" M7109J/A
  • PowerBook G3 14" M7110J/A
  • PowerBook G3 14" M7112J/A
  • PowerBook G3 14" M7304J/A
  • PowerBook G3 14" M7304LL/A
  • PowerBook G3 14" M7308J/A
  • PowerBook G3 14" M7308LL/A
  • PowerBook G3 14" Series
  • PowerBook G3 M3553
  • PowerBook G3 M4753
  • PowerBook G3 M5343
  • PowerBook G3 M7572
  • Fast, Safe, Satisfaction Shopping
  • Brand New, 1 Year Warranty, 30 Days Money Back.
  • All batteries are made with the high quality cells.
  • 100% brand new and original manufacturer compatible.
  • Engineered and rigorously tested for voltage, capacity, compatibility and safety.

  • Thank you for viewing our brand new replacement apple m7385g/a laptop battery (notebook battery). Our replacement apple m7385g/a batteries last longer per charge and will last longer overall because whenever possible we only carry name brand battery cells. To better use your replacement apple m7385g/a laptop battery, please take care of the precautions listed below:
  • 1. New M7385G/A battery pack needs to be fully charged and discharged (cycled) a few times before it can condition to full capacity.
  • 2. Do not modify or disassemble the replacement apple m7385g/a battery.
  • 3. Do not incinerate or expose replacement apple m7385g/a battery to excessive heat, which may result in an exposure.
  • 4. Do not expose battery to water or other moist/wet substances.
  • 5. Avoid piercing, hitting, crushing or any abuse use of the replacement apple m7385g/a battery.
  • 6. Do not forget to take away your M7385G/A laptop battery from the device if you will not use it for a long time.
  • 7. Avoid short circuit of the terminals by keeping your battery pack away from metal objects such as necklaces or hairpins.
  • 8. Follow correct maintenance for your M7385G/A battery when not in use. Don't leave it in direct sunlight, areas where it will be exposed to extreme temperatures such as car trunks.